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About Alex HallRealtor Associate

In the course of her real estate career, Alexandra has proven to be a skilled negotiator, visionary, entrepreneur and expert strategic planner. She ranks in the top tier of Orange County real estate professionals and delivers a depth of expertise to her clients few others have to offer. With a background in Interior Design she is able to give her clients an unsurpassed advantage when it comes to selling homes for record setting prices. Her personable and professional character allows Alexandra to build and maintain solid friendships, long-term clients, and a wealth of business relationships within the community. Alexandra is young and ambitious, but she also brings wisdom of real estate knowledge that garners a charismatic sense of confidence in negotiating any type of real estate transaction.

Contact Alex
    Contact Alex
    For media inquiries, please contact
    Will Armstrong Public Relations
    Phone 310.237.8506 | Mail [email protected]
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