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About Niko Director of Pup-Lick Relations

After living in posh London and vibrant New York, Niko returned to his native Los Angeles where he joined The Oppenheim Group. As the Director of Public (Pup-Lick) Relations, he plays an integral role in office cohesiveness with his pleasant disposition and consummate professionalism. Always the first to greet clients at the door, he uses his innate knowledge of human nature to gain their trust, confidence, and eventually their hearts.

Serving a dual function as a level K-9 realtor, Niko is never shy to mark his territory; he has quickly established himself as a dominant force on the Sunset Strip, thanks to his intimate knowledge of the area and his ability to chase a lead and sniff out a good deal before the competition.

When not working, Niko enjoys the finest luxuries of life – dining out at the best restaurants in town and shopping on Rodeo Dr. His interests include sunbathing, belly rubs, morning walks, pet-icures, and grooming.

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